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We have more than 20 years of experience in the space field


General: algorithms for satellite image processing, mission programming and analysis, satellite system simulations and orbit determination.

Thermal control of satellites: In space the temperature changes are very large and abrupt: in an hour and a half a satellite temperature can change from -100 degrees Celsius to +100 degrees Celsius, so it is necessary to have adequate thermal control that prevent the satellite from freezing or burning and ensure that the on-board space components work in the temperature ranges dictated by their manufacturers. We specialize in this topic, verifying their thermal models and applying simulations for thermal control.


Space missions

Requirements: Given a space mission, we know how to raise the requirements of it, to achieve the mission in optimal conditions, considering the space subsystems and their uses. The main reason is the conditions of the space environment in which a satellite is, very different from those of the earth, which is protected by the atmosphere.

Algorithms for mission programming and analysis: In many missions, it is necessary a mission programming prior to its operation, such as taking images from space, and after completing the mission, a thorough analysis is necessary to verify if the mission was carried out as expected. We have developed algorithms for both activities.


Orbit Calculations


The main parameter that determines a mission is its orbit. Orbit determine type of satellite to design, launcher to choose, protections for defend it from space environment, satellite construction time, etc.

We know all these variables and their calculations to determine the most efficient orbit for the mission.

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