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High school

Our technological and scientific educational program is based on space as a platform to achieve the motivation and incentive of the pupils and students who participate in these plans. These educational programs are carried out in high junior and high schools.

We participate in the main educational centers in Israel, including Herzliya Space Laboratory (HSL), one of the only educational centers in the world that have launched nano-satellites built by high school students.

Dujifat-1: was launched in June 2014, operating in optimal conditions until few months ago.


Dujifat-2: was launched in May 2017, and was part of the prestigious QB50 program: constellation of 50 nano-satellites that monitored the thermosphere (atmosphere between 90 and 340 km), built by different academic and research centers worldwide, being the HSL the only group made up of high school students.


Dujifat-3: We are currently working on the satellite, which is part of the a constellation of nano-satellite built by Israeli schools. This program takes the experience accumulated in the Hertzeliya Science Center to other schools.


Dujifat (Hoopoe) is the national bird of Israel.



In addition, we teach and conduct university courses, seminars and conferences in academic centers, such as Ben-Gurion University, Tel Aviv University, among others:

Introduction to Space Engineering: course that was taught in Spanish with great success at the Peruvian Space Agency, CONIDA and in these days in the Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Space as a Platform for Technological Scientific Education in Israel: Dictated at CICTA 2014 (Colombia).


XXIV Engineering Project Fair: Dissertation that was held at the Sergio Arboleda University, Colombia.

Space and Scientific Education: Dissertation at CICTA 2016 (Colombia), where the Dujifat-2 program of the Herzliya Science Center was exhibited.

Annual Project Management at Tel Aviv University: "Nano-Satellite Simulation" and "Earth Magnetic Field Simulator".

Semiannual Project Management at the National University of Colombia:  "Nano-Satellite Simulation".

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